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Tintinhull Village Hall is now Open.

Tintinhull Village Hall Website

This page is an achieve of the build progress during 2016 and 2017.

Latest News:

Tintinhull Village Hall Charity. No. 1163176
Our new Village Hall is quickly taking shape, and we need to now decide how we are going to put this superb facility to best use. Everyone in the village has something that he or she can offer, to help in designing and developing the way we organise such aspects as bookings; promoting the Hall as a venue; making sure the Hall is used safely and securely; keeping the Hall well- maintained; making and serving coffee and cake; the list goes on. A number of people have already offered their time and expertise to help with this, but many hands make light work, and your help would be valuable and much appreciated. Please consider how you can offer some of your time to make sure that we have not just a beautiful building, but an asset that has a real impact on the life of our village.
We would also like to remind everyone that the building of the Hall is fully funded and all monies now received are going towards the fit out of the Hall. This ranges from stage curtains and window black outs, notice board(s) to kitchen implements and coffee cups, in fact all the small gear which allows the Hall to function.
To find out how you can help, please contact one of the three Parish Councillors involved: Geoff Stone, Toby Banks or Alex Perham.

Follow the Build Progress:

Below are the contractor reports which Edgar Builders produce each month to keep us all updated with the New Build Village Hall.
16/02/17 to 07/02/17
08/02/17 to 07/03/17
08/03/17 to 04/04/17
05/04/17 to 02/05/17
03/05/17 to 05/06/17
06/06/17 to 04/07/17
06/07/17 to 01/08/17
02/08/17 to 05/09/17
06/09/17 to 03/10/17
04/10/17 to 31/10/17
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